Lula Garrison

Father: Doctor Levi Garrison

Mother:Mary Elizabeth Sweatt

Lula was born 9/14/1873.

She married W J Mckenzie 1/10/1889.

Lula is the mother of:

  1. Willie D. Mckenzie 7/22/1891.
  2. She married S. L. Raborn 6/25/1892.(see note below)

  3. Eula Raborn in Whitney, Hill county, Texas, 5/1/1893.
  4. Rufus Samuel Raborn in Hillsboro, Texas, 11/26/1895.
  5. Eddie Lewis Levi Raborn in Milford, Texas, 9/23/1897.
  6. Elton Raborn in Milford, Hill county Texas, 1/7/1900.
  7. She married an unknown Simpson on unknown date.
  8. Andy Wallas Simpson 12/28/1906.

(Note from Bill B. Loftin. The information on the Raborn line was provided by the grandson
of Elton Raborn. He is the Joe L. Raborn listed below.)

  1. Louis Raborn Sr. born 1810 in Amite, Mississippi
  2. Father of:
  3. Louis Raborn Jr.
  4. Father of:
  5. Samuel Louis Raborn
  6. Father of:
  7. Elton Raborn
  8. Father of:
  9. Marshall Raborn
  10. Father of:
  11. Joe L. Raborn