William Loftin

NOTE: from bill b. loftin
George Marcellious Loftin stated that his father was born in Arkansas and his mother in Missouri

Father:Giles T Loftin

Mother:Delilah Stephens

He was born in Lawrence County, Mississippi 1833?

He married Magisera Blevins 1/ /1855.

  1. Mary J Loftin
  2. William C "Cone" Loftin
  3. George Marcellious "Cuffy"Loftin
  4. Marcus "Boss" Loftin
  5. Sarah Lutiche "Lue" Loftin
  6. Christopher Columbus "Lum" Loftin

William died 1867? in Milam County, Texas, at 34? years of age.

Milam County, Texas 1870 census
Time-period: Persons who died during the year ending 1 June 1870 - Persons who had died in the twelve months preceding the taking of the regular census were to be listed on the mortality schedules.

Surname First Name Occupation Age Sex Born Died Cause of Death
Loftin William . 35 M MS Mar Consumption{tuberculosis} (Death would be March 1870)

All red wording is Bill B Loftin's
This is what I believe about my branch of the Loftin family
Prove me wrong, if you can, or prove me right

Texas information

This family was in Erath county by 1860

  1. William Loftin-age 27 farmer born Mississippi ( I believe this is Giles T Loftin's son )
  2. Magisera Loftin-age 23 housekeeper born Missouri
  3. Mary J Loftin-age 4 born Arkansas
  4. William C Loftin-age 3 born Arkansas
  5. George M Loftin-age 1 born Arkansas
  6. Giles Loftin-age 61? farmer born Georgia( I believe this is Giles T Loftin, son of Ezekiel Loftin and Grandson of Benoni Loftin )
  7. Delilah Loftin-age 55 housekeeper born Georgia
  8. George W Loftin-age 25 farmer born Mississippi
  9. Marcus Loftin-age 17 farmer born Arkansas

They were in Milam county by 1870

  1. Magisera Loftin-age 34 born Missouri(I believe this is Magisera Blevins)
  2. Mary Loftin-age 13 born Arkansas(?)
  3. William Loftin-age 12 born Arkansas(I believe this is the brother my grandfather call "Cone"
  4. George Loftin-age10 born Arkansas(I believe this is my grandfather, George Marcellious"Cuffy" Loftin)
  5. Marcus Loftin-age 9 born Texas(I believe this is the brother my grandfather called "Boss")
  6. Sarah Loftin-age 8 born Texas(I believe this is Sarah Lutiche Loftin Anders that my grandfather called "Lue")
  7. Christopher Loftin-age 5 born Texas(I believe this is Christopher Columbus Loftin that my grandfather called"Lum")
  8. Elbert Loftin-age 48 born Mississippi( I believe this is Giles T Loftin's son)
  9. Mary Loftin-age 37 born Mississippi
  10. Mary Loftin-age 2 born Texas

Cuffy's family was in Hill county Texas by 1910

  1. George Loftin-age 49 Head born Texas, farmer F/Ark M/Mo
  2. Annie Loftin-age 42 wife born Texas F/NC M/Tex
  3. "Billy" Loftin not in Hill county at this time
  4. Martin Loftin-age 15 son born Texas
  5. George Jr Loftin-age 13 son born Texas
  6. Lula Loftin not in Hill county at this time
  7. Winnie Loftin-age 11 daughter born Texas
  8. Lloyd Loftin-age 8 son born Texas
  9. Albena Loftin-age 6 daughter born Texas
  10. J B Loftin-age 3 son born Texas

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