Minerva Ann "Anna" Garrison

Anna Garrison Loftin

Father: Doctor Levi Garrison

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Sweatt

Anna was born in Henderson, Rusk County, Texas 12/19/1867.

She married George"Cuffy" Marcellious Loftin in
Milano Junction, Milam County, Texas, 6/7/1883 by Baptist minister, Reverend Durham Shelton.

Anna was the mother of:
  1. William"Billy" Doctor Loftin in Durango Falls, Texas, 3/12/1884.
  2. Bouden Columbus Loftin in Groesbeck, Limestone county, Texas, 2/8/1886.
  3. Burle Francis Loftin in Groesbeck,Limestone county, Texas, 3/18/1888.
  4. Lula Elizabeth Loftin in Groesbeck,Limestone County, Texas, 7/17/1890.
  5. Sarah Alice Loftin in Mount Calm, Hill County, Texas, 9/15/1892.
  6. Martin"Mart" Franklin Loftin in Coolidge, Limestone County, Texas, 11/8/1894.
  7. George Allen Loftin in Freestone County,Texas, 2/2/1897.
  8. Winnie Iler Loftin in Edna, Jackson County, Texas, 4/3/1899.
  9. Lloyd Alvis Loftin (Sr) in Mount Calm, Hill County, Texas, 9/7/1901.
  10. Ethel "Albener" Albene Loftin in Mount Calm, Hill County, Texas, 9/5/1903.
  11. . James"J.B."Boliver Loftin in Mount Calm Hill county, Texas, 9/5/1906.

Minerva Ann "Anna" Garrison Loftin died 10/8/1948 in Oildale, California, at 80 years of age.
She is buried at Greenlawn Memorial Park in Bakersfield, California.


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