Lucy Daniel Trout

Lucy Trout

Father: Daniel Hendrix Trout

Mother: Nancy Ann Churchman

Lucy was born in Dyersburg, Tennessee 1/11/1865.
She married James Bird Herd in Granby, Missouri, 7/1/1883 at Green Ridge School in Barry County, Missouri

She is the mother of:
  1. William Samuel Herd in Berry County, Missouri, 9/1/1884.
  2. Arthur Major Cleveland Herd 1/31/1887
  3. Fredrick Randolph Herd.1/30/1890
  4. John "Johnny" Oliver Herd 9/?/1892
  5. Anna Irene Herd in Bomar, Love County, Oklahoma, 1/27/1901.
  6. Ina Pauline Herd in Johnstown, Missouri, 3/5/1907.

She married James M. Turner about 1926.

Lucy Daniel Trout and Lou Jacob Trout were twins.

Lucy died 11/8/1954 in Carterville, (Jasper) Missouri, at 89 years of age.

Burial: 11/ /1954 in Duniweg, Ozark Memorial Cemetery, Joplin, Missouri.

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