Lucy Viola Thomas

Lucy Thomas Vaughan

Father:David Thomas Born: England

Mother:Martha A."Mattie" Churchill

Born: May 7 1874 in Arkansas

She married: Young Marion Vaughan in 1893

She is the Mother of:
  1. Thomas B. Vaughan Born: July 1894
  2. Bliss G Vaughan Born: April 1897
  3. Grady O. Vaughan Born: about 1898
  4. Ewel Marion Vaughan Born: October 1899
  5. Mattie Sue Vaughan Born: about 1903
  6. Clyde Vaughan Born: about 1905
  7. Young David Vaughan Born: April 29 1909
  8. Lucy Vaughan Born:July 9 1911---January 1986
  9. Raymond R.Vaughan Born: August 26 1915---December 15 2002
  10. Sally Vaughan Born: about 1918

She died August 15 1966

(Note from Bill B. Loftin
Year of birth determined from U.S. census'
Logan county, Arkansas 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930
I determined from the 1930 U.S. Census Lucy Thomas' mother and father's name also place of birth
(Birth, Death, marriage dates, names, Lucy Viola Thomas and Mattie Churchill supplied by Ruth Vaughan Stapler and SSI list)

I think this is her brother and family listed next on census, same road

Fred Thomas Born: about 1885 Arkansas
Dona Thomas wife Born: about 1888 Arkansas
Alton Thomas son Born: about 1917 Arkansas
Delmar Thomas Born: about 1923 Arkansas