John Henry Garrison

Father: Levi Garrison(John Garrison this information from letter below)

Mother:Mary Graham

He was born 1815 Orange Co., NC

He married Lucy McCauley (McCauley marriages in Orange Co., North Carolina {28.} Lucy McCauley m. abt 1836 to Henry Garson)

John Henry Garrison married Lucy McCauley 31 Oct 1836 (his second wife) They moved to Texas about 1848

He is the father of:

  1. Doctor Levi Garrison
  2. John H Garrison
  3. Mary A Garrison
  4. Susan Garrison
  5. William ? Garrison
  6. Bawdin H Garrison (Bowden Hall Garrison)
  7. unknown Garrison
He died 1865

A copy of a letter recently came into my possession, in May 2000, written to my Aunt Winnie Loftin Praytor on January 29, 1971 by Mrs. Corinna Garrison Hegarty. I do not know if she ever answered this letter. I am including a transcript of the complete letter as there is factual information on Mrs. Hagerty's family.

Transcript of Letter

Mrs.Corinna Garrison Hegarty
207 Garrison Road

January 29,1971


Dear Mrs.Praytor:
News travels in this genealogy research busness, but I hope that it has not traveled too slowly.I mean I hope that you have not moved by now.

I have just recieved a listing from a family bible. Family of Levi Garrison. which states that the family bible is in your presents.

I am interested in the ancestors of this Dr.Levi Garrison, which also from a delayed copy of a letter from Mrs.L.H.Hillyer, in which she stated that Levi Garrison's, father was John Henry Garrison who went from Texas and that John Henry Garrison's father was John Garrison. I am wondering if this John Garrison, might have been the Son of Garrett Garrison, of Orange, Co.,N.C. As I have not been able to locate the descendants of this John Garrison.
Another reason is that John Henry Garrison, married Lucy McAauley,(I think she meant McCauley) and that her father and two of his brothers, went with them to Texas.

Orange Co.N.C.seems to have been the county for the McCauley's, It also seems to have been where some of them first changed from McCollough, to McCauley.

Mrs. Praytor, please help me if you can, I am trying to compose a history of these, Garrison. Maybe you know of other Garrison's, who went from Orange and Burke counties to Texas, As the Garrison's seem to have the traveling fever, including myself, I came home to roost about 9 years ago.

I am Corinna Garrison, my father was Walter Harvey Garrison, his father was Thomas Alexander Carrison, his father was Robert Garrison, and his father was Henry Garrison, who is listed in the 1790 census of Burke, county N.C.
Henry had brothers George, Garrett and Jacob. Tax list of Orange Co. 1790:


(signature of Corinna Garrison Hegarty)

This family was in Rusk county, Henderson twp, Texas in 1860
They were in Texas by 1852

Henry Garrison 45 Farmer N C
Lucy Garrison 43/45 N C
Levi Garrison 13/15 N C
John H Garrison 12 N C
Mary A Garrison 10 Tennessee
Susan Garrison 8 Texas
Wm ? Garrison 5 Texas
Bawdin H Garrison 3 Texas
Infant Garrison 4/12 Texas

NOTE FROM BILL B. LOFTIN 3-07-03 Bowden Hall Garrison should be the name of the 3 year old per Debra Garrison Kelly. Her father is John Bowden Garrison (1927- 1990) he is the grandson of Bowden. She has also provided much information on the Garrisons and it is greatly appreciated