George"Cuffy" Marcellious Loftin

Cuffy Loftin

Father: William Loftin

Mother: Magisera Blevins

Cuffy was born in(? Arkansas 1859)(? Texas January 8 1861)

He married Minerva Ann Garrison in Milano Junction, Milam County, Texas, 6/7/1883.

Cuffy is the father of:

  1. William"Billy" Doctor Loftin in Durango Falls, Texas, 3/12/1884.
  2. Bouden Columbus Loftin in Groesbeck, Limestone county, Texas, 2/8/1886.
  3. Burle Francis Loftin in Groesbeck,Limestone county, Texas, 3/18/1888.
  4. Lula Elizabeth Loftin in Groesbeck,Limestone County, Texas, 7/17/1890.
  5. Sarah Alice Loftin in Mount Calm, Hill County, Texas, 9/15/1892.
  6. Martin"Mart" Franklin Loftin in Coolidge, Limestone County, Texas, 11/8/1894.
  7. George Allen Loftin in Freestone County,Texas, 2/2/1897.
  8. Winnie Iler Loftin in Edna, Jackson County, Texas, 4/3/1899.
  9. Lloyd Alvis Loftin (Sr) in Mount Calm, Hill County, Texas, 9/7/1901.
  10. Ethel "Albener" Albene Loftin in Mount Calm, Hill County, Texas, 9/5/1903.
  11. . James"J.B."Boliver Loftin in Mount Calm Hill county, Texas, 9/5/1906.

Cuffy died 12/24/1929 in Oildale, Kern County, California at 68 years of age.
Burial: 12-26-1929 in Union Cemetery, Bakersfield, California.

Cuffy's family was in Hill county Texas by 1892 (daughter Sarah born there in 1892)

  1. George Loftin-age 49 Head born Texas, farmer F/Ark M/Mo
  2. Annie Loftin-age 42 wife born Texas F/NC M/Tex
  3. "Billy" Loftin not in Hill county at this time
  4. Martin Loftin-age 15 son born Texas
  5. George Jr Loftin-age 13 son born Texas
  6. Lula Loftin not in Hill county at this time
  7. Winnie Loftin-age 11 daughter born Texas
  8. LLoyd Loftin-age 8 son born Texas
  9. Albena Loftin-age 6 daughter born Texas
  10. J B Loftin-age 3 son born Texas
Cuffy's family was in Coolidge, Limestone county, Texas area in 1920 near Coolidge and Dawson road.
  1. G. M. Loftin age 59 head of household
  2. Annie Loftin age 51 wife
  3. George Loftin age 23 son
  4. Lloyd Loftin age 19 son
  5. Albena Loftin age 16 daughter
  6. J B Loftin age 13 son

Cuffy's son, Mart Loftin, his wife Jocie and adopted son Jesse were living in same area.

Most of Cuffy's family were living in Oildale, California in 1930 except Billy and Lula, who were still in Texas. Cuffy passed away December 24, 1929

  1. Annie Loftin age 62 Head
  1. Noah Praytor age 39 Head
  2. Winnie Praytor age 32 wife (Cuffy and Annie's daughter)
  3. Inez Praytor age 14 daughter
  4. Iona Praytor daughter
  5. Jack Praytor son
  1. George A Loftin age 33 Head
  2. LLoyd A Loftin age 29 Brother
  3. LLoyd A Loftin Jr. age 2 nephew
  1. Martin F Loftin age 35 Head
  2. Josie L Loftin wife
  3. Gaston F Loftin age 10 son

I have not located my family in census as yet, but I know they were there in November 1929 as I was born there.

  1. James B Loftin head
  2. Ina P Loftin wife
  3. Melba J Loftin daughter
  4. Billy Boy Loftin son


My Grandfather, George M. Loftin, was always called Cuffy by his sons and daughters. His wife always called him Mr. Loftin or Papa.
His dad died when he was 6 years old and his mother died when he was 13 years old.
He was not only loved but worshiped by his kids.
When he was a young man he had a fighting bear named Cuffy, his friends started calling both of them Cuffy and he retained this name for the rest of his life.
I believe my mother, his daughter-in-law, loved him as much as his children. I met "Cuffy", but only for a short time, I was born on November 6 1929 and "Cuffy" passed away December 24 1929. I am sure it is my loss that we did not get a chance to know each other.
Cuffy lived his live as a Texan and died a Texan.(? He arrived in Texas from Arkansas when he was less than a year old, I don't believe he ever knew he wasn't born in Texas)
and his sons and daughters did the same.
I believe "Cuffy" lived in Texas 1860 to 1923+, his daughter Albene died in 1920 and is buried in Limestone county Texas.
His mother in law, Mary Elizabeth Sweatt Garrison was living with them near El Dorado, Texas when she was 76, according to a news clipping I have, I am not sure which newspaper it is from. This would be about 1923. They came to Oildale, California in 1928 and he died in December 24, 1929